The production of fuels and chemicals from ligno-cellulosic biomass is a nascent industry. So far only a handful of companies have build a commercial scale bio-refinery – mostly for the production of cellulosic ethanol –  and even less have build more than one.  Bio-refinery projects are complex and capital intensive projects. Therefore it pays of to get advice and support from parties that have participated in those projects before.

Bio Refinery Development BV offers this advice and support together with its global network of partners.

  1. Securing access to sufficient biomass at affordable prices is a very important prerequisite for a successful bio-refinery project.
  2. Executing a feasibility study is the next step. Preliminary technology selection (pre-treatment; bio-conversion); energy and mass balances and an indicative business case are the deliverables of such a study.
  3. Basic engineering will result in an engineering package; a CAPEX estimate with an accuracy of +/- 10% and a more robust business case.
  4. The EPC phase is the core of the project resulting in plant commissioning, start-up and transfer to operations management.
  5. In parallel marketing and sales activities should secure outlets for the biofuels and/or chemicals produced.
  6. And last but not least, securing funding is a pre-requisite to implement a successful bio-refinery project.

Bio Refinery Development BV can advise and support you executing these steps, or manage the project for you.